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Volume 32, 2024
Issue 1
Sentiment Shifts and a New Approach to Strategic Narratives Analysis: Russian Rhetoric on Ukraine - Juris Pupcenoks, Scott Fisher, and Graig Klein View
Coalitions of Civil Society Organizations in Ukraine: Role, Types, and Impact - Olena Rybiy View
International Non-Governmental Organizations and Democracy Assistance in Belarus - Leonida Mychailovskaya View
Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? Security Force Defection during Regime Crises in Belarus and Venezuela - Nick Pehlman, Serhii Bahlaii, and Santiago De Viana View
Volume 31, 2023
Issue 4
The COVID-19 Pandemic as a Test of Russia’s Subnational State Capacity - Cameron Ross, Rostislav Turovsky, and Marina Sukhova View
“Lots of Money, Few Restrictions, and a Lot of Creativity:” The Changing Role of Political Strategists in Russia - Svetlana Barsukova and Elena Denisova-Schmidt View
Opposition Cooperation in Electoral Authoritarian Regimes: Theory and Evidence from Russia - Dima Kortukov View
Beyond Drugs and Arms: Uncovering Eurasia’s Understudied World of Illicit Trade - Alexander Kupatadze View
Issue 3
Domestic and International Dimensions of Ukraine's Decentralization: Kyiv's Local Governance Reform and Post-Soviet Democratization - Valentyna Romanova and Andreas Umland View
Flexible Authoritarian Governance in Russia: The Politics of Ideas on Family Policy - Marina Khmelnitskaya, Ann-Mari Sätre, and Ulla Pape View
Russia and the Middle East: From "Honest Broker" to "Status-Keeper" - Leonid Issaev View
Do People Protest for Democracy? Investigating the Democratic Theory of Protest Participation in Armenia's Velvet Revolution of 2018 - Dinara Pisareva View
Issue 2
The Legitimacy of Power in Modern Russian Prisons: Between Harsh Discipline and Managed Self-Governance - Kseniia Runova View
When Juries Come to Russian District Courts: Lay Participation Expansion and Court System Non-Compliance - Ekaterina Khodzhaeva View
Moot Courts as a Site for Valorization of the Russian Legal Profession - Grigory Gorbun View
Four Months of "Discrediting the Military": Repressive Law in Wartime Russia - Lauren A. McCarthy, Douglas Rice, and Aleks Lokhmutov View
The Swan, the Pike, and the Crayfish: The Deep Cleavages in Russian Legal Education - Aryna Dzmitryieva and Timur Bocharov View
Contradictions of Justice in Russia: An Introduction to the Special Issue - Evgenia Olimpieva View
Issue 1
The Differential Impact of Traditional and Social Media on Public Confidence: The Case of Kazakhstan - Hoyoun Koh and Kyungmin Baek View
The KGB and Glasnost: A Contradiction in Terms? - Sanshiro Hosaka View
Informal Networks of Regional Elites in Russia: A Cross-Temporal Perspective - Kirill Melnikov View
Culturalizing the Nation: A Quantitative Approach to the Russkii/Rossiiskii Semantic Space in Russia’s Political Discourse - Marlene Laruelle, Ivan Grek, and Sergey Davydov View
Volume 30, 2022
Issue 4
Demokratizatsiya at 30: Introduction to the Special Issue - Ellen Powell View
Political Developments in Georgia - Svante Cornell View
Armenia: A Stealthy Thermidor? - Alexander Iskandaryan View
The Belarusian Revolution: Two Years after the Storm - Arkady Moshes and Ryhor Nizhnikau View
Digitalized Protests in Belarus and Symbolic Walls: Some Lessons Related to Youth -  View
Turkmenistan’s 2022 Leadership Change through the Personalist Paradigm - Slavomír Horák View
Revisiting Judicial Reform in Russia - Peter Solomon View
Unfinished Business: 1991 as the End of the CPSU but Not of the KGB - Sanshiro Hosaka View
The Consequences of Putin’s Centralization of Power - Robert Orttung View
Are Russians Imperialists? - Michael McFaul View
Revisiting the Problem of Organized Crime in Post-Soviet Development - Louise Shelley View
Revisiting a “Sad Saga” of Russo-Ukrainian Relations Twenty Years On - Igor Torbakov View
Issue 3
Cooperation and Control at the Micro Level of Soviet Internationalism: Moscow's Lumumba University, 1960-1970 - Nikolaus Graf Vitzthum View
Governance and Human Rights in Transnistria: Between Theory and Praxis - Lucia Leontiev View
Sixty Shades of Statism: Mapping the Ideological Divergences in Russian Elite Discourse - Ivan Fomin View
Digitalization of the Menu of Manipulation: Electoral Forensics of Russian Gubernatorial Elections - Kristin Eichhorn View
Subnational State Capacity in Russia: The Implementation of the 2012 Presidential "May Decrees" - Cameron Ross, Rostislav Turovsky, and Marina Sukhova View
Issue 2
Party-Based Euroscepticism: The Case of Georgia - Sandro Tabatadze View
Journalistic Role Performance in the Russian Press: A Post-Soviet Model for the Third Decade, 2012-2022 - Svetlana Pasti, Olga Logunova and Sergey Davydov View
On Subregional Differences in Attitudes toward Petty Corruption in the Russian Far East - Elena Denisova-Schmidt and Anna Solovyeva View
Probing, Brokering, and Resisting the State: Place-Based Activism in Moscow - Maria Davidenko and Victor Attila Albert View
Issue 1
The Publication Race in Russian Universities as an Impediment to Academic Freedom - Irina Dezhina View
University Leader Appointment Procedure in Russia: Building a Vertical of Power in Higher Education - Daria Gerashchenko View
Building a World-Class University in Russia: Redefining the Relationship between Academic and Managerial Governance - Katerina Guba View
Faculty Self-Governance, Professorial Power, and Academic Freedom in Russia - Mikhail Sokolov View
Academic Freedom or Freedom of Speech? Russian Social Scientists' Understanding of Academic Freedom - Dmitry Dubrovsky and Irina Meyer (Olimpieva) View
Speaking Up at Work: Narrative Analysis of Academic Freedom in Russia - Elizaveta Potapova View
Volume 29, 2021
Issue 4
Narrating Western Education as a Pathway to Change-Making: Evidence from Post-Euromaidan Ukraine - Maryna Rabinovych View
Where in the World Is Ukraine? Confronting Russian and European Representations of Ukraine - Clarisse Didelon-Loiseau and Yann Richard View
Ukrainian Youth and Ukraine in Europe: A Cohort Analysis of the Drivers of Attitudes toward the EU - Olga Onuch and Cressida Arkwright View
Friends, Supporters, and Allies? Understanding IR Roles through Metaphor Scenarios - Natalia Chaban and Viktor Velivchenko View
Ukraine through a Baltic Lens: Regional Networks of Meanings - Donald Matheson, Linda Jean Kenix, and Natalia Chaban View
Diverging Horizons? How Citizens and Young Elites Narrate Foreign Policy in Ukraine and the Baltic States - Alister Miskimmon and Ben O'Loughlin View
Introduction - Natalia Chaban, Alister Miskimmon, Ben O’Loughlin, and Pauline Sophie Heinrichs View
Negotiating Global Uncertainty, Identity, and Europeanization: An Examination of Youth Narrative Processes between Ukraine and the Three Baltic States - Iana Sabatovych and Pauline Heinrichs View
Issue 3
Perestroika and the End of the Cold War - Jack F. Matlock, Jr. View
Gorbachev's Non-Violence Revolution - Andrei Illarionov View
Perestroika as a Humanist Project - Svetlana Savranskaya View
Mikhail Gorbachev and the Origins of Perestroika: A Retrospective - Mark Kramer View
Mikhail S. Gorbachev: An Exceptional Leader - George W. Breslauer View
Mikhail Gorbachev: A Transformational Leader - Archie Brown View
Perestroika and New Thinking: A Retrospective - Mikhail S. Gorbachev View
Issue 2
Identity Politics as Pretext and Prediction: Vote-Buying and Group Boundaries in Ukraine - Simon Schlegel View
Mixed Values and Societal Constraints: The Weak Prospects for Authoritarianism in Ukraine - Yuriy Matsiyevsky View
Strategic Transgressions: Russia’s Deviant Sovereignty and the Myth of Evgenii Prigozhin - Jardar Østbø View
The Belarusian Revolution: Sources, Interim Outcomes, and Lessons to Be Learned - Arkady Moshes and Ryhor Nizhnikau View
Issue 1
Georgia’s Europeanization: Performative Games and Peculiarities of “Enforced Socialization” - Lia Tsuladze and Irine Osepashvili View
Taming the Oligarchs? Democratization and State Capture: The Case of Moldova - Ion Marandici View
Why Political Machines Fail: Evidence from Bashkortostan - Stanislav Shkel View
The Silovik-Industrial Complex: Russia’s National Guard as Coercive, Political, Economic and Cultural Force - Mark Galeotti View
Volume 28, 2020
Issue 4
The Political Values of the State and Private Sectors of the Russian Middle Class - Svetlana Mareeva and Cameron Ross View
The Russian State and the Arctic Indigenous Peoples: Is Politics Coming Back? - Arbakhan Magomedov View
New Generation of Victors: Narrating the Nation in Russian Presidential Discourse, 2012–2019 - Veera Laine View
Observing Elite Support for Democracy: The Prison Vote in Poland and Ukraine - Stephen Bloom and Benjamin Bricker View
Issue 3
Integration or Absorption? Analyzing the Propagandist Narratives Generated by Russia-Backed Online Regional Media in Belarus - Vasil Navumau View
Identity Discourse in Local Newspapers Before, During, and After Military Conflict: A Case Study of Kramatorsk - Jon Roozenbeek View
Local Dimensions of Media Freedom: A Comparative Analysis of News Media Landscapes in 33 Russian Regions - Anna Litvinenko and Kamilla Nigmatullina View
State Information Contracts: The Economic Leverage of Regional Media Control in Russia - Olga Dovbysh and Oscar Mukhametov View
Poverty and Morality: A Field Theory Analysis of Russia’s Struggling Provincial Journalism - Elina Erzikova and Wilson Lowrey View
Local Media of Post-Soviet Countries: Evidence from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine - Olga Dovbysh and Katja Lehtisaari View
Issue 2
Regulating Society after the Color Revolutions: A Comparative Analysis of NGO Laws in Belarus, Russia, and Armenia - Leah Gilbert View
Exploring Civil Society in the North-West Caucasus: The State, Local Government, and Communities on a Convoluted Path toward Social Stability - Murat Shogenov, Alexey Gunya, and Aslan Chechenov View
The Far Right in Pre- and Post-Euromaidan Ukraine: From Ultra-Nationalist Party Politics to Ethno-Centric Uncivil Society - Andreas Umland View
Promoting the Legal Protection of Anti-Corruption Whistleblowers in Ukraine - Olena Shostko View
Explaining Variation in the Effectiveness of Anti-Corruption Activism in Ukraine’s Regions: The Role of Local Context, Political Will, Institutional Factors, and Structural Factors - Oksana Huss, Max Bader, Andriy Meleshevych, and Oksana Nesterenko View
Issue 1
Law Enforcement and the Politics of Religious Minority Rights in Azerbaijan - Sophia Wilson View
Assessing the Potential for Renegades among Russian Millennial Lawyers - Kathryn Hendley View
No Revolution of Dignity for Ukraine’s Judges: Judicial Reform after the Euromaidan - Maria Popova and Daniel Beers View
Mechanisms of Decoupling from Global Regimes: The Case of Anti-Corruption Reforms in Russia and Ukraine - Marina Zaloznaya and William M. Reisinger View
Taxes, Banking, and Legal Development in Russia: Lessons about Institutional Complementarities and the Rule of Law - Jordan Gans-Morse View
The Decriminalization of Domestic Violence in Russia - Olga Semukhina View
A Law & Society Take on Legality in the Former Soviet Union: An Introduction to the Special Issue -  View
Volume 27, 2019
Issue 4
Islam and Local Politics in Counties of South Dagestan under Governor Ramazan Abdulatipov (2013–2017) - Kimitaka Matsuzato and Magomed-Rasul Ibragimov View
Foreign Agents and Gay Propaganda: Russian LGBT Rights Activism Under Pressure - Lucy Pakhnyuk View
“Who and Where are We?” Landscapes as Mediums of Identity Negotiation for Georgia’s Azeri-Turks - Karli-Jo T. Storm View
The Problematic Nature of Russian Banking - Anders Aslund View
Big Business in Putin’s Russia: Structural and Instrumental Power - Ilya Matveev View
Issue 3
How State-Controlled Media Can Set the Agenda on the Internet: Coverage of Three Tragedies on Different Types of Russian Media - Anastasia Kazun and Anton Kazun View
Russian Nationalism Shifting: The Role of Populism Since the Annexation of Crimea - Sofia Tipaldou and Philipp Casula View
Belarus at the United Nations: An Analysis of Belarus’s Global Policy Alignment Following the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine - Olena Lennon and Aemin Becker View
Social Media as a Source of Counter-Hegemonic Discourses: Micro-Level Analysis of the Belarusian “Silent Actions” Protest Movement - Vasil Navumau View
(Dis)Engaging Youth in Contemporary Belarus through a Pro-Presidential Youth League - Kristiina Silvan View
Issue 2
Tribute to Joyce Poole Horn, 1939-2019 - Sally W. Stoecker, Louise Shelley and Fredo Arias-King View
The Georgian Dream? Outcomes from the Summer of Protest, 2018 - Phillip Oravec and Edward Holland View
Roadblocks: Georgia’s Long Road to NATO Membership - Joe Kyle View
Russian Center-Periphery Relations from Khrushchev to Putin, 1957-2018 - Joel Moses View
Democratic Culture in Belarus: Insights on Democratic Citizenship, Trust, and Participatory Intentions among Adolescents - Natallia Sianko View
Hegemony of the European Project in Georgia: From Foreign Policy Initiative to the Logic of State Building and Development - Tamar Gamkrelidze View
Flexible Memory Narratives in the Physical Landscape: A Case Study of Tbilisi, Georgia - Karli Storm View
Issue 1
Buying Directly from Farmers: Tactics of St. Petersburg Consumers - Olga Gromasheva View
Moonlighting Politicians in Russia: Defense Capacities of Businesspeople in Regional and Local Legislatures - Maria Sakaeva View
Regions in Search of a Violent Entrepreneur - Leonid Blyakher View
Informal Practices of Big Business in the Post-Soviet Period: From Oligarchs To "Kings of State Orders" - Svetlana Barsukova View
The Informal Economy and Post-Socialism: Imbricated Perspectives on Labor, the State, and Social Embeddedness - Jeremy Morris View
Russia's Informal Economy: Rules of the Game for Business - Irina Meyer (Olimpieva) View
Volume 26, 2018
Issue 4
Post-Velvet Revolution Armenia's Foreign Policy Challenges - Alexander Markarov and Vahe Davtyan View
Velvet Revolution, Armenian Style - Levon Abrahamian and Gayane Shagoyan View
My Step Aside from Sasna Tsrer: The Dynamics of Protest Coalitions in Armenia, 2016 and 2018 - Nikolai Silaev and Ivan Fomin View
The Velvet Revolution in Armenia: How to Lose Power in Two Weeks - Alexander Iskandaryan View
The Armenian Anomaly: Toward an Interdisciplinary Interpretation - Georgi Derluguian and Ruben Hovhannisyan View
Good News from the Caucasus? An Introduction to the Special Issue - Editorial View
Issue 3
Perspectives: Gubernatorial Turnover in the Russian Regions, 2005-2012 - Ekaterina Paustyan View
Is Kazakhstan Immune to Color Revolutions? The Social Movements Perspective - Nurseit Niyazbekov View
Media Security Structural Indicators: The Case of Moldova - Alla Rosca View
The Kremlin’s “Active Measures” Failed in 2013: That’s When Russia Remembered Its Last Resort—Crimea - Sanshiro Hosaka View
Russian State Television Coverage of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election - Tina Burrett View
Issue 2
Guardians of the Status Quo: Stopping the Diffusion of Popular Challenges to Authoritarian Rule - Karrie J. Koesel View
Diffusion Brokers and Regime Change Waves: The US Role in the Wave of Central and Eastern European Electoral Breakthroughs - Tsveta Petrova View
The Electoral Model without Elections?: The Arab Uprisings of 2011 and the Color Revolutions in Comparative Perspective - Alanna C. Van Antwerp, Nathan J. Brown View
Mass Actions and Middlemen of Communism and the Color Revolutions - Jane Leftwich Curry View
Modes of Popular Mobilizations against Authoritarian Rulers: A Comparison of 1989, the Color Revolutions, and the MENA Uprisings - Valerie Bunce, Sharon Wolchik View
Introduction: Mass Mobilization in Comparative Perspective - Valerie Bunce, Sharon Wolchik View
Issue 1
Parameters of Police Reform and Non-Reform in Post-Soviet Regimes: The Case of Armenia - Nona Shahnazarian, Matthew Light View
Between Mob and Multitude: Youth Ambivalence Toward Mass Mobilization in a Ukrainian Protest Movement - Anna Fournier View
Coalitional Configurations: A Structural Analysis of Democratization in the Former Soviet Union - Andrew Buck, Jeffrey Hass View
Protests in Russia: The Example of the Blue Buckets Society - Al Evans View
Volume 25, 2017
Issue 4
Informal Governance & Electorate Perceptions in Hybrid Regimes: The 2016 Parliamentary Elections in Georgia - Bidzina Lebanidze, Kornely Kakachia View
Regime Development and Patron–Client Relations: The 2016 Transnistrian Presidential Elections and the “Russia Factor” - Pål Kolstø, Helge Blakkisrud View
Against the Stream: Political Opposition in the Russian Regions During the 2012–2016 Electoral Cycle - Andrei Semenov View
Electoral Sources of Authoritarian Resilience in Russia: Varieties of Electoral Malpractice, 2007–2016 - Margarita Zavadskaya, Max Grömping, Ferran Martinez i Coma View
The Mechanism of Direct Democracy in Authoritarian Countries: The Case of the Constitutional Referendum in Azerbaijan - Samuele Dominioni View
Menus of Manipulation: Authoritarian Continuities in Central Asian Elections - Donnacha Ó Beacháin, Rob Kevlihan View
“The Election Game:” Authoritarian Consolidation Processes in Belarus - Sofie Bedford View
Guiding Voice to Exit: Elections of Sitz-Chairman in Moldova, Inc. - Ryhor Nizhnikau View
The Same but Different: “Re-understanding” Elections in Contemporary Post-Soviet Space - Ryhor Nizhnikau, Sofie Bedford View
Issue 3
Protest and Legitimacy: Emerging Dilemmas in Putin’s Third Term - Geir Flikke, Jardar Østbø View
Searching for a Russian National Idea: Putin Team Efforts and Public Assessments - Pat Willerton View
Putin and the Russian Mythscape: Dilemmas of Charismatic Legitimacy - Bo Petersson View
Russia’s Presidential Domestic Policy Directorate: HQ for Defeat-Proofing Russian Politics - Carolina Vendil Pallin View
Between Opportunist Revolutionaries and Mediating Spoilers: Failed Politicization of the Russian Truck Drivers’ Protest, 2015–2016 - Jardar Østbø View
“Monstrations for Mocracy”: Framing Absurdity and Irony in Russia’s Youth Mobilization - Geir Flikke View
Issue 2
Female Heroes in a Man's World: The Construction of Female Heroes in Kyrgyzstan's Symbolic Nation-building - Helge Blakkisrud, Nuraida Abdykapar kyzy View
Lake Baikal and Russia's Environmental Policy Process - Ellen Martus View
The Rise and Fall of Local Self-Government in Petrozavodsk - Mikhail Turchenko View
The Donbass War: Outbreak and Deadlock - Kimitaka Matsuzato View
Issue 1
Blogging Strategies and Political Tactics in Runet: Introduction to the Special Issue - Mikhail Suslov View
Leadership and Leaders in Networked Social Movements - Galina Nikiporets-Takigawa View
Parody Microbloggers as Chroniclers and Commentators on Russian Political Reality - Anastasia Denisova View
Blogging in Russian Academia: Practices of Self-Representation in Public Contexts - Galina Zvereva View
Holy Fools in the Digital Age: Strategies of Self-Positioning in the Russian-language Orthodox Blogosphere - Mikhail Suslov View
Self-Representation in the Web World of Opera: What Do the Blogs and Social Network Accounts of Famous Russian Opera Singers Tell Us About? - Irina Kotkina View
Volume 24, 2016
Issue 4
Karen Dawisha: Scholar, Intellectual, Institution-Builder - Venelin I. Ganev View
Diffusion-Proofing and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine - Valerie Bunce, Aida Hozić View
The Dynamics of Global-Domestic Institutional Interaction in Postcommunist Russia and Elsewhere - Gulnaz Sharafutdinova View
Assessing Foreign Policy Commitment Through Migration Policy in Russia - Caress Schenk View
The Rise of Vladimir Putin: Elite Politics in Early Postcommunism - Venelin I. Ganev View
Jumping out of the “Hobbesian Fishbowl” and Into the Fire: Lebanon, Elections, and Chronic Crisis - Stephen Deets, Jennifer Skulte-Ouaiss View
Issue 3
The Domestic Effects of the Russian Food Embargo - Susanne Wengle View
Canaries in a Coal Mine: The Uphill Struggle of Russia’s Non-System Liberals - Geir Flikke View
Framing Sanctions in the Russian Media: The Rally Effect and Putin’s Enduring Popularity - Anastasia Kazun View
Explanatory Factors for Electoral Turnout in the Russian Federation: The Regional Dimension - Petr Panov, Cameron Ross View
Kazakhstan’s Presidential Transition and the Evolution of Elite Networks - Michael Mesquita View
Is Russia Declining? - Simon Saradzhyan View
Issue 2
Analysis of Current Events: Structural Impediments to Reforms in Ukraine - Taras Kuzio View
Network Governance in Russia: Costs and Benefits - Elena Bogdanova, Olga Tkach, Aadne Aasland View
NGOs, Policy Entrepreneurship and Child Protection in Russia: Pitfalls and Prospects for Civil Socie - Elena Bogdanova, Eleanor Bindman View
“You are Responsible for Your People”: The Role of Diaspora Leaders in the Governance of Immigrant I - Mikkel Berg-Nordlie, Olga Tkach View
Post-Soviet “Political”?: “Social” and “Political” in the Work of Russian Socially Oriented CSOs - Meri Kulmala View
Domestic Politics in Crimea, 2009-2015 - Kimitaka Matsuzato View
Smart Sanctions against Russia: Human Rights, Magnitsky and the Ukrainian Crisis - Emma Gilligan View
Issue 1
Boris Nemtsov: A Tragedy of Resistance Introduction to the Special Section - Andrey Makarychev View
Boris Nemtsov, 1959-2015 The Rise and Fall of a Provincial Democrat - Andre Mommen View
Nemtsov: A Variety of Perspectives: Boris Nemtsov: A True Russian Patriot - David J. Kramer View
Boris Nemtsov: From Kremlin Heir to Dissident - Vladimir V. Kara-Murza View
Encountering Boris Nemtsov in 1992 - Howard Wiarda View
Nemtsov and Democracy in Nizhny Novgorod - Sharon Werning Rivera View
The Legacy of Boris Nemtsov - Stefan Meister View
Boris Nemtsov and the Chechen-Russian Conflict - Miguel Vázquez Liñán View
Boris Nemtsov: A Ukrainian Afterword - Yulia Kurnyshova View
Boris Nemtsov and the Reproduction of the Regional Intelligentsia - Tomila Lankina View
The Nemtsov Vote: Public Opinion and Pro-Western Liberalism’s Decline in Russia - Henry E. Hale View
Rocking the Sochi Olympics Narrative: Boris Nemtsov and Putin’s Sovereignty - Andrey Makarychev, Alexandra Yatsyk View
Oligarchs and Politics in Ukraine - Heiko Pleines View
Volume 23, 2015
Issue 4
Who Were the Protestors and What Did They Want?: Contentious Politics of Local Maidans across Ukraine, 2013-2014 - Olga Zelinska View
Ideological Change under Vladimir Putin in the Perspective of Social Identity Theory - Alfred Evans View
A Parting of Ways?: The Kremlin Leadership and Russia’s New-Generation Nationalist Thinkers - Igor Torbakov View
Violent Corporate Raiding in Russia: Preconditions and Protective Factors - Anton Kazun View
Issue 3
The Media Landscape in Central Asia: Introduction to the Special Issue - Peter Rollberg, Marlene Laruelle View
Mass Media Consumption in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan: The View from Below - Barbara Junisbai, Azamat Junisbai, Nicola Ying Fry View
Youth Media Consumption and Perceptions of Electoral Integrity in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan - Olena Nikolayenko View
The Persistence of Media Control Under Consolidated Authoritarianism: Containing Kazakhstan’s Digital Media - Luca Anceschi View
Friends, Foes, and Facebook: Blocking the Internet in Tajikistan - Abdulfattoh Shafiev, Marintha Miles View
In Search of Kazakhness: The Televisual Landscape and Screening of Nation in Kazakhstan - Marlene Laruelle View
Small Screen Nation Building: Astana – My Love - Peter Rollberg View
Social Media and Online Public Debate in Central Asia: A Journalist’s Perspective - Navbahor Imamova View
Issue 2
Russian Political Crowdfunding - Alexander V. Sokolov View
Post-Communist Leadership: A Case Study of Lithuania’s “White House” (1993–2014) - Ausra Park View
Putin and Russian Subnational Politics in 2014 - Joel C. Moses View
Centralized but Fragmented: The Regional Dimension of Russia’s “Party of Power” - Cameron Ross, Rostislav Turovsky View
Issue 1
Electoral Stakes, Labor Migration, and Voter Turnout: The 2011 Presidential Election in Kyrgyzstan - David Hil, Eugene Huskey View
Limits on the Democratizing Influence of the Internet: Lessons from Post-Soviet States - Rachel Vanderhill View
The Duality of Coercion in Russia: Cracking Down on “Foreign Agents” - Françoise Daucé View
The Paranoid State - S.J. Peter Rožič View
New Governance Options for Armenia Drawing on the UK’s Big Society - Arman Gasparyan View
Volume 22, 2014
Issue 4
Introduction: Authoritarian Modernization in Russia? - Vladimir Gel'man View
The Rise and Decline of Electoral Authoritarianism in Russia - Vladimir Gel'man View
Paradoxes of Agency:Democracy and Welfare in Russia - Meri Kulmanal, Markus Kainu, Jouko Nikula and Markku Kiviven View
Agency Matters: The Failure of Russian Regonal Policy Reforms - Andrey Starodubtsev View
Prospects for Ecological Modernization in Russia: Analysis of the Policy Environment - Nina Tynkkynen View
Science Fiction: President Medvedev's Campaign for Russia's "Technological Modernization" - Katri Pynnoniemi View
Democratization and War: The Chechen Wars' Contribution to Failing Democratization in Russia - Hanna Smith View
Issue 3
Reaffirming Russia's Remote Control: Exploring Kremlin Influence on Television Coverage of Russian-Japanese Relations and the Southern Kuril Islands Territorial Dispute - Tina Burrett View
Domestic Power Relations and Russia's Foreign Policy - Marcin Kaczmarski View
Corporate Raiding in Ukraine: Causes, Methods and Consequences - Matthew A. Rojansky View
Georgia Between Dominant-Power Politics, Feckless Pluralism, and Democracy - Christofer Berglund View
Beyond the Transition Paradigm: A Research Agenda for Authoritarian Consolidation - Thomas Ambrosio View
Issue 2
Introduction to the Special Issue: Media Democratization in Russia and Eurasia - Peter Rollberg View
Russia's Nongovernmental Media Under Assault - Maria Lipman View
Russia and the New Authoritarians - Jonathan Becker View
Media in Post-Soviet Belarus: Between Democratization and Reinforcing Authoritarianism - Oleg Manaev View
Ukraine's Media in the Context of Global Cultural Convergence - Marta Dyczok View
Networked Apathy: Georgian Party politics and the Role of Social Media - Kornely Kakachia, Tamara Pataraia, and Michael Cecire View
Glastnost 2.0 - Sarah Oates View
Coercion or Conformism? Censorship and Self Censorship among Russian Media Personalities and Reporters in the 2010s - Elisabeth Schimpfossl and Ilya Yablokov View
The "Russia Idea" on the Small Screen: Staging National Identity on Russia's TV - Marlene Laurelle View
Peter the Great, Statism, and Axiological Continuity in Contemporary Russian Television - Peter Rollberg View
Issue 1
The January 2013 Protests and Beyond - Sofie Bedford View
Challenging the Aliyev Regime: Political Opposition in Azerbaijan - Shahla Sultanova View
Two Can Play at That Game: Social Media Opportunities in Azerbaijan for Government and Opposition - Katy Pearce View
No Laughing Matter: Humor as a Means of Dissent in the Digital Era: The Case of Auhoritarian Azerbai - Katy Pearce and Adnan Hajizada View
Elections, Appointments, and Human Capital: The Case of Russian Mayors - Noah Buckley, Guzel Garifullina, Ora John Reuter, and Alexandra Shubenkova View
The Impact of Semi-Presidentialism on Democratic Consolidation in Poland and Ukraine - Oleksii Sydorchuk View
The Russian Orthodox Church and Contestations over History in Contemporary Russia - Igor Torbakov View
Volume 21, 2013
Issue 4
Machine Politics: The Concept and Its Implications for Post-Soviet Studies - Grigorii V. Golosov View
Did the Internet Break the Political Machine? Moldova's 2009 "Twitter Revolution that Wasn't" - Henry E. Hale View
Getting the "Dough" and Saving the Machine: Lessons from Tatarstan - Gulnaz Sharafutdinova View
Making and Breaking the Political Machine in Kabardino-Balkaria - Georgi Derluguian and Sufian Zhemukhov View
Institutional Design and Party Membership Recuitment in Estonia - Alison Smith View
Issue 3
The End of the Soviet Union - Stanislau Shushkevich View
Russian Military Reform in the Aftermath of the 2008 Russia-Georgia War - Athena Bryce Rogers View
Patterns of Electoral Contestation in Russian Regional Assemblies: Between "Competitive" and "Hegemonic" Authoritarianism - Petr Panov and Cameron Ross View
Party System Institutionalization in Ukraine - Olena Rybiy View
The Negative Consequences of Proportional Representation in Ukraine - Serhij Vasychenko View
Issue 2
If Tomorrow Comes: Power Balance and Time Horizons in Ukraine's Constitutional Politics - Serhiy Kudelia View
Youth as an Agent for Change: The Next Generation in Ukraine - Nadia Diuk View
Public Procurement Reform in Ukraine: The Implication of Neopatrimonialism for External Actors - Susan Stewart View
Yushchenko versus Tymoshenko: Why Ukraine's National Democrats are Divided - Taras Kuzio View
Polyphonic Dichotomies: Memory and Identity in Today's Ukraine - Tanya Zaharchenko View
Why We Speak Like That: Ambiguous Discourses of an Ambivalent Transformation - Mykola Riabchuk View
Popular Assessments of Ukraine's Relations with Russia and the European Union under Yanukovych - Emmanuelle Armandon View
Issue 1
Nests of Democracy: The Institutional Interdependence of People's Rule in Europe and Eurasia - Alexander Sokolowski View
Institutional Persuasion to Support Minority Rights in Russia - Debra Javeline and Vanessa A. Baird View
The Representation of Political and Economic Elites in the Russian Federation Council - Cameron Ross and Rostislav Turovsky View
Post-Communist Informal Networking: Blat in the South Caucasus - Huseyn Aliyev View
Oil and Regime Stability in Azerbaijan - Farid Guliyev View
Volume 20, 2012
Issue 4
Discussing Neopatrimonialism and Patronal Presidentialism in the Central Asian Context - Marlene Laurelle View
Kyrgyzstan: A Parliamentary System Based on Inter-Elite Consensus - Erica Marat View
The Kazakh Neopatrimonial Regime: Balancing Uncertainities among the "Family," Oligarchs and Technocrats - Sebastien Peyrouse View
The Elite in Post-Soviet and Post-Niyazow Turkmenistan: Does Political Culture Form a Leader? - Slavomir Horak View
The Sub-national Roots of Authoritarianism: Neopatrimonialism and Territorial Administration in Uzbekistan - Lawrence P. Markowitz View
Personal Networks of Agricultural Knowledge in the Cotton-Growing Communities of Southern Tajikistan - Hafiz Boboyorov View
Issue 3
Archival Policies and Historical Memory in the Post-Soviet Era - Mark Kramer View
What We Have (Not) Learned about Twentieth-Century Central Asian History - Marlene Laurelle View
Cultural Globalization in the Post-Soviet "South" - Douglas Blum View
Political Issues in Russia's Literary Discourse - Andrey Makarychev View
Toward Eurasian Cultural Studies: chances and Challenges - Peter Rollberg View
Reflecting on Twenty Years of Post-Soviet Experience - Yulia Nikitima View
Foreign Policy and Aging Central Asian Autocrats - Eric McGlinchey View
Evaluating Multi-Vectorism in the Foreign Policy of Post-Soviet Eurasian States - Segei Minasyan View
The Evolution of Russia's Place in the World, 1991-2011 - Ted Hopf View
Plea Bargaining Russian Style - Peter Solomon View
Issue 2
Introductory Letter - Henry E. Hale, Robert W. Orttung, and Fredo Arias-King View
Political Leadership After Communism - Timothy J. Colton View
Two Decades of Post-Soviet Regime Dynamics - Henry E. Hale View
From the Politics of Economic Reform to the Functioning of Political Economies - Andrew Barnes View
Rethinking Post-Soviet Politics from a Neopatrimonial Perspective - Oleksandr Fisun View
Is Putin's Regime Becoming More Like Brezhnev's? - Peter Reddaway View
Political Preferences and Party Development in Post-Communist States: A New Approach with an Illustration of the Russian Case - Regina Smyth View
Citizenship and the Social Contract in Post-Soviet Russia - Samuel A. Greene View
Twenty Years of Russian Legal Reform - William Pomeranz View
Society as an Anchor in Post-Soviet State-Building - Serhiy Kudelia View
Post-Communist Legacies and Political Behavior and Attitudes - Grigore Pop-Eleches and Joshua A. Tucker View
Lessons and Many More Questions about Nationalism and Self-Determination - Philip G. Roeder View
The Unexpectedly Underwhelming Role of Ethnicity in Russian Politics, 1991-2011 - Elise Giuliano and Dmitry Gorenburg View
The Unrecognized States of Eurasia as a Phenomenon of the USSR's Dissolution - Sergey Markedonov View
Nagorno-Karabakh: Twenty Years under Damocles' Sword - Anar Valiyev View
Issue 1
A Note from the Publisher - James S. Denton View
Truth Stumbles in the Street: Christian Democratic Activism in Belarus - Geraldine Fagan View
The Development of Russia's Child Protection and Welfare System - Ann A. Rudnicki View
Contending Agendas for the Black Sea Region: A Regional Alternative - Mustafa Aydin View
Volume 19, 2011
Issue 4
The State of the Public Sphere in Russia - Elena Chebankova View
Russian Grand Strategy in the South Ossetia War - Brian J. Ellison View
Russia in Ukraine's Foreign Policy in 2010 as Seen in Political Discourse - Sergey Bozhko View
Europeanizatrion Through Socialization? The EU's Interaction with Civil Society Organizations in Armenia - Nicholas Ross Smith View
Issue 3
Is Nationalism Rising in Russian Foreign Policy?: The Case of Georgia - Luke March View
HIstory, Memory and National Identity: Understanding the Politics of History and Memory Wars in Post-Soviet Lands - Igor Torbakov View
Negotiating History: Memory Wars in the Near Abroad and Pro-Kremlin Youth Movements - Marlene Laurelle View
Making Sense of Nashi's Political Style: The Bronze Soldier and the Counter-Orange Community - Jussi Lassila View
Russian Radical Nationalist Interpretation of the French Riots of November 2005 - Lukasz Jurczyszyn View
Education in the Period of the Post-Soviet Transition in Ukraine - Benjamin Kutsyuruba View
Issue 2
From Viktor to Viktor: Democracy and Authoritarianism in Ukraine - Olexiy Haran View
The Color Revolution Virus and Authoritarian Antidote: Political Protest and Regime Counterattacks in Post-Communist Spaces - Abel Polese and Donnacha O Beachain View
The Rise and Fall of Power-Sharing Treaties Between Center and Regions in Post-Soviet Russia - Mizuki Chuman View
"Great Projects" Politics in Russia: History's Hardly Victorious End - Anatoly Reshetnikov View
Issue 1
Boxing Russia: Executive-Legislative Powers and the Categorization of Russia's Regime Type - William A. Clark View
The Meltdown of the Russian Federation in the Early 1990s: Nationalist Mayth Building and the Urals Republic Project - Alexander Kuznetsov View
Muddling Through the Shadow of the Past(s): Post-Communist Russia's Search for a New Regime Ideology - Cheng Chen View
Political Institutional Trust in the Post-Attempted-Coup Republic of Armenia - Katy E. Pearce View
Volume 18, 2010
Issue 4
Rising Armenian-Georgian tensions and the Possibility of a New Ethnic Conflict - Artyom Tonoyan View
Struggling for Citizenship: Civic Participaton and the State in Russia - Suvi Salmenniemi View
Acquiring Assets, Debts and Citizens: Russia and the Micro-Foundations of Transnistria's Stalemated Conflict - Rebecca Chamberlain-Creanga and Lyndon K. Allin View
Higher Education Reforms in the Fight Against Corruption in Georgia - Mariam Orkodashvili View
Issue 3
Russia's Food Policies and Foreign Policy - Stephen Wegren View
Viktor Yanukovych's First 100 days: Back to the Past, But What's The Rush? - Taras Kuzio View
Reflections on Negotiations and Mediation: The Frozen Conflicts and European Security - William H. Hill View
Medvedev, Putin and Perestroika 2.0 - Gordon M. Hahn View
Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme: Political Corruption of Russian Doctorates - Ararat L Osipian View
Issue 2
Open Borders, Closed Minds - Russia's Changing Migration Policies: Liberalization or Xenophobia? - Caress Schenk View
Meddling with Justice: Competitive Politics, Impunity, and Distrusted Courts in Post-Orange Ukraine - Alexei Trochev View
The Molotov-Ribbentrop Commission and Claims of Post-Soviet Secessionist Territories to Sovereignty - Keiji Sato View
The End of the Lithuanian Political "Patriarch's" Era: From Rise to Decline and Legacies Left Behind - Ausra Park View
Issue 1
Beyond Corruption: An Assessment of Russian Law Enforcement's Fight Against Human Trafficking - Lauren A McMarthy View
A Tale of Two Transitions: Exploring the Origins of Post-Communist Judicial Culture in Romania and the Czech Republic - Daniel J. Beers View
Be Careful What You Wish For: A Cautionary Tale of Post-Communist Judicial Empowerment - Maria Popova View
Enforcing Oil and Gas Contracts Without Courts: Reputational Constraints on Resource Nationalism in Russia and Azerbaijan - William Partlett View
Volume 17, 2009
Issue 4
A U.S. Lawyer's Opinion of the Economic Impact of Technology and Corporate Law Developments in the USSR/Russia and China from the mid-1970s to Today - Thomas L. Shillinglaw View
Does "Populism" in Europe's New Democracies Really Matter? - Philip Dimitrov View
The Fundamentalist Utopia of Gennady Shimanov from the 1960s-1980s - Mikhail D. Suslov View
Strident, Ambiguous and Duplicitous: Ukraine and the 2008 Russia-Georgia War - Taras Kuzio View
Perestroika Began in Prague - Interview with Yevgeny Ambartsumov, Part I View
Issue 3
Still Staging Democracy: Contestation and Conciliation in Postwar Georgia - Cory Welt View
The Five-Day War and Transnational Politics: A Semiospace Spanning the Borders between Georgia, Russia, and Ossetia - Kimitake Matsuzato View
Georgian Politics since the August 2008 War - Svante E. Cornell and Niklas Nilsson View
Victim of a "War of Ideologies": Azerbaijan after the Russia-Georgia War - Anar Valiyev View
Issue 2
Understanding Party Politics in the Former Soviet Union: Authoritarianism, Volatility and Incentive - Max Bader View
At a Dead End: Russian Policy and the Russian Far East - Stephen Blank View
All Appeals Lead to Strasbourg? Unpacking the Impact of the European Court of Human Rights on Russia - Alexei Trochev View
President Medvedev and the Contested Constitutional Underpinnings of Russia's Power Vertical - William E. Pomeranz View
Issue 1
Imagined Communities in an Intergrating Baltic Region - Michael Ardovino View
Russian Babies, Russian Babes: Economic and Demographic Implications of International Adoption and International Trafficking for Russia - Judith Record McKinney View
Following Only Some of the Money in Russia - Ethan S. Burger, Esq View
Father Aleksandr Men and the Struggle to Recover Russia's Heritage - Wallace L. Daniel View
Volume 16, 2008
Issue 4
The Uncertain Future: Sino-Russian Relations in the Twenty-First Century - Herman Pirchner Jr. View
Political Graft and Education Corruption in Ukraine: Compliance, Collusion, and Control - Ararat L. Osipian View
The First Steps of Russia's Public Chamber: Representation or Coordination? - Alfred B. Evans Jr. View
Limited Choices: Russian Opposition Parties and the 2007 Duma Election - Nicklaus Laverty View
Have Putin's Policies on Local Government Changed the Way Yaroslavl Is Governed? - Jeffrey W. Hahn View
Issue 3
Introduction: Nontraditional Approaches to Russian Politics and Security - Harley Balzer View
The Double Monopoly and Its Technologists: The Russian Preemptive Counterevolution - Alexander Etkind and Andrei Shcherbak View
Standard Oil and Yukos in the Context of Early Capitalism in the United States and Russia - Vadim Volkov View
Changing Federalism and the Islamic Challenge in Tatarstan - Eduard Ponarin View
Patients in Contemporary Russian Reproductive Health Care Institutions: Strategies of Establishing Trust - Anna Temkina and Elena Zdravomyslova View
Kravchuk and Yeltsiin at Reelection - David C. Brooker View
Issue 2
Russia's Borderline Personality - Fredo Arias-King, Arlene King de Arias, and Fredo Arias de la Canal View
Was Liberty Really Bad for Russia? (Part II) - Leon Aron View
The Problem of Lasting Change: Civil Society and the Colored Revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine - Nicklaus Laverty View
From Stabilization to Marketization: The Political Economy of Reforms in Azerbaijan - Fuad Aliyev View
Can the Memory of a Historical Uprising Reduce Transitional Uncertainty? A Comparative Study of Hungary and the Former Soviet Union - Gergana Yankova View
Issue 1
Introduction to the Fifteenth Anniversary Issue - Fredo Arias-King View
The New Imperial Russia - Marshall I. Goldman View
Putin's Lurch toward Tsarism and Neoimperialism: Why the United States Should Care - Anders Aslund View
Was Liberty Really Bad for Russia? (Part I) - Leon Aron View
Russia and China in the Global Economy - Harley Balzer View
Anti-Americanism, Anti-Westernism, and Anti-Semitism among Russia's Muslims - Gordon Hahn View
Assessing the Courts in Russia: Parameters of Progress under Putin - Peter H. Solomon Jr. View
Is Russia Becoming a Normal Society? - Richard Rose View
Still "Treading Air"? Looking at the Post-Enlargement Challenges to Democracy in the Baltic States - David J. Galbreath View
Democratic Breakthroughs and Revolutions in Five Postcommunist Countries: Comparative Perspectives on the Fourth Wave - Taras Kuzio View
Volume 15, 2007
Issue 4
Introduction - Marshall I. Goldman View
The Dog Barks but the Caravan Moves On - Marshall I. Goldman View
Russia and the United States: No Longer Rivals, Not Yet Partners - Richard H. Matzke View
Russia and the European Union: An Outlook for Collaboration and Competition in European Natural Gas - Michael D. Cohen View
Energy Reform in Russia and the Implications for European Energy Security - Robert F. Price View
Natural Gas in the Context of Russia's Energy System - Leslie Dienes View
The Unified Energy Systems of Russia (RAO-UES) in Central Asia and the Caucasus: Nets of Interdependence - Theresa Sabonis-Helf View
Issue 3
Framing U.S.-Russian Security Cooperation: Neorealist and Neoliberal Alternatives to Navigating the New Security Terrain - Brad McAllister View
The Chechnya Conflict: Freedom Fighters or Terrorists? - James Hughes View
U.S. Interests in Central Asia and Their Challenges - Stephen Blank View
Inside Out: Domestic Political Change and Foreign Policy in Vladimir Putin's First Term - Samuel Charap View
Issue 2
"Sovereign Democracy" and Russia's Relations with the European Union - Derek Averee View
Municipal Reform in the Russian Federation and Putin's "Electoral Vertical," - Cameron Ross View
Victims of a Managed Democracy? Explaining the Electoral Decline of the Yabloko Party - David White View
Gorbachev, Lenin and the Break with Leninism - Archie Brown View
So What Changed? The 1998 Financial Crisis and Russia's Economic and Political Development - Neil Robinson View
Civic Trust and Governance in Armenia - Artak Shakaryan View
Issue 1
The Diffusion of Revolutions: Comparing Recent Regime Turnovers in Five Post-Communist Countries - Menno Fenger View
Orange People: A Brief History of Transnational Liberation Networks in East Central Europe - Fredo Arias King View
Russia's Political Youths - Michael Schwirtz View
Through an Orange-Colored Lens: Western Media, Constructed Imagery, and Color Revolutions - Andres Schipani-Aduriz View
A Revolution of the Mind - Interview with Yulia Malysheva View
Russians Must Shed Fear - Interview with Maria Gaidar View
Revolution is Contagious - Interview with Marek Kapusta View
The Institutional Design of Russian Federalism: A Comparative Study of Three Republics; Tatarstan, Dagestan, and Chechnya - Stergos Kaloudis View
Volume 14, 2006
Issue 4
The Orange Revolution at the Crossroads - Taras Kuzio View
Why Donbass Votes for Yanukovych: Confronting the Ukrainian Orange Revolution - Ararat L. Osipian and Alexandr L. Osipian View
Mythmaking and Its Discontents in the 2004 Ukrainian Presidential Campaign - Olena Yatsunska View
The Genesis of the European Union's Relations with Ukraine and Belarus - Interview with Luis Moreno View
Inventing Akromiya: The Role of Uzbek Propagandists in the Andijon Massacre - Sarah Kendzior View
Geopolitics versus Democracy in Takjikistan - Shahram Akbarzadeh View
The Use of Rhetoric and the Mass Media in Russia's War on Terror - Greg Simons View
The Political Economy of the Resource Curse in Russia - Patreek Goorha View
Nationalism and the Transition to Democracy: The Post-Soviet Experience - Graeme Gill View
Issue 3
Differing Dynamics of Semipresidentialism across Euro/Eurasian Borders: Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Moldova, and Armenia - Kimitaka Matsuzato View
Democratization in Armenia: Some Trends of Political Culture and Behavior - Vahe Sahakyan and Arthur Atanesyan View
The South Caucasus: Problems of Stability and Regional Security - David Shahnazaryan View
The Trade-offs between Security and Civil Liberties in Russia's War on Terror: The Regional Dimension - Nabi Abdullaev and Simon Saradzhyan View
The Political Science of Russia-Belarus Relations: Insulating Minsk from a Color Revolution - Thomas Ambrosio View
Ideas of Revolutions and Revolutionary Ideas - Leon Aron View
Issue 2
Introduction - Gerard Libaridian View
Macroinstitutional Political Structures and Their Development in Armen - Alexander Markarov View
The Politics of Independence and Transition - Interview with Ara Sahakyan - Gerard Libaridian View
Economic Reform and War - Interview with Hrand Bagratyan - Gerard Libaridian View
Economic Challenges Faced by the New Armenian State - Armand Sarian View
Redefining Armenian National Security - Richard Giragosian View
From Ter-Petrossian to Kocharian: Explaining Continuity in Armenian Foreign Policy, 1991-2003 - Taline Papazian View
The Nagorno-Karabakh Settlement Revisited: Is Peace Achievable? - Levon Zourabian View
Dual Citizenship Debates in Armenia: In Pursuit of National Identity since Independence - Arus Harutyunyan View
The Armenian Media in Context: Soviet Heritage, the Politics of Transition, Democracy, and the Rule of Law - Marina Kurkchiyan View
From Post-Soviet Studies to Armenianology - Asbed Kotchikian View
Issue 1
Editor's Introduction - Sally W. Stoecker View
Russians and Their Party System - Stephen White View
In Search of Heroes: Cultural Politics and Political Mobilization of Youths in Contemporary Russia and Ukraine - Viktoriya Topalova View
Not Guilty Until the Supreme Court Finds You Guilty: A Reflection on Jury Trials in Russia - Kristi O'Malley View
What Russia Must Do to Fight Organized Crime - Thomas Firestone View
"Learning" to Offer an Alternative to Military Service: Norm Adoption in Russia - Flemming Splidsboel Hansen View
Antitrafficking Policies in Asia and the Russian Far East: A Comparative Perspective - Emily E. Schuckman View
The Russian Diaspora in Central Asia: Russian Compatriots and Moscow's Foreign Policy - Charles E. Ziegler View
The Warming of Turkish-Russian Relations: Motives and Implications - James W. Warhola and Wiliiam A. Mitchell View
Primakov Redux? Putin's Pursuit of "Multipolarism" in Asia - Mark N. Katz View
Volume 13, 2005
Issue 4
Kyrgyzstan's Tulip Revolution - Interview with Roza Otunbayeva - Eugene Huskey View
Russian Policy toward Ukraine during Elections - Taras Kuzio View
Georgia as a Laboratory for Democracy - James V. Wertsch View
Moldova's Orange Evolution - Interview with Iurie Rosca - Victoria Cusnir View
The Rise of Islamist Extremism in Kabardino-Balkariya - Gordon M. Hahn View
How Ukrainians View Their Orange Revolution: Public Opinion and the National Peculiarities of Citizenry Political Activities - Viktor Stepanenko View
Issue 3
Threats of Judicial Counterreform in Putin's Russia - Peter H. Solomon, Jr. View
Federalism and Electoral Authoritarianism under Putin - Cameron Ross View
The Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan: A Case Study in Economic Liberalization, Intraelite Cleavage, and Political Opposition - Barbara Junisbai and Azamat Junisbai View
Post-Soviet Azerbaijan: Transition to Sultanistic Semiauthoritarianism? An Attempt at Conceptualization - Farid Guliyev View
Orthodoxy and Global Pluralism - Peter L. Berger View
Orthodox Christianity, Civil Society, and Russian Democracy - Christopher Marsh View
Issue 2
Introduction - Gordon M. Hahn View
Builder and Destroyer: Thoughts on Gorbachev's Soviet Resolutions, 1985-1991 - Walter D. Connor View
Ordinary Russians? Rethinking August 1991 - Harley Balzer View
Addressing the Challenges of Russia's "Failing State": The Legacy of Gorbachev and the Promise of Putin - John P. Willerton, Mikhail Beznosov and Martin Carrier View
The Hazards of Half-Measures: Perestroika and the Failure of Post-Soviet Democratization - M. Steven Fish View
Perestroika and the Challenge of Democracy in Russia - Richard Sakwa View
Issue 1
The Perestroika of Demokratizatsiya - Fredo Arias-King View
Feeding the Hand that Bit You: Voting for Ex-Authoritarian Rulers in Russia and Bolivia - Amber L. Seligson and Joshua A. Tucker View
Semipresidentialism in Ukraine: Institutionalist Centrism in Rampant Clan Politics - Kimitaka Matsuzato View
From Disengagement to Active Economic Competition: Russia's Return to the South Caucasus and Central Asia - Jeronim Perovic View
Is Putin Pursuing a Policy of Eurasianism? - Matthew Schmidt View
The New Russian Identity and the United States - Vladimir Zvonovsky View
Breaking the Postcommunist Liminality: The Transformation Process in Eastern Europe - Jiri S. Melich View
Russia's Political Party System as (Continued) Impediment to Democratization: the 2003 Duma and 2004 Presidential Elections in Perspective - Jonathan W. Riggs and Peter J. Schraeder View
Conclusion - Julia Kilmer View
Volume 12, 2004
Issue 4
Back to the Future: An Overview of Moldova Under Voronin - Paul D. Quinlan View
Socialism with Unclear Characteristics: The Moldovan Communists in Government - Luke March View
Federalization and Constitution Making as Instument of Conflict Resolution - Stevem D. Roper View
The Foreign Policy of the Voronin Administration - Robert Weiner View
Interview with Dumitru Braghis - Fredo Arias-King View
The Democrats Must Cooperate: Interview with Iurie Rosca - Fredo Arias-King View
The Tyranny of Small Differences: The Relationship between Ethnic Diversity and Democracy in the Former Socialist Bloc - Scott Radnitz View
The Internet and Democratization: The Development of Russian Internet Society - Marcus Alexander View
Interview with Yuri Felshtinsky - Miriam Lanskoy View
Issue 3
Introduction - Ilan Berman and J. Michael Waller View
Russia: Death and Resurrection of the KGB - J. Michael Waller View
East Germany: The Stasi and De-Stasification - John O. Koehler View
Lithuania: A Problem of Disclosure - Tomas Skucas View
Poland: Continuity and Change - Andrzej Grojewski View
Esau's Birthright and Jacob's Pottage: A Brief Look at Orthodox - Methodist Ecumenism in Twentieth-Century Russia - Rev. Thomas Hoffman and William Alex Primedore View
Issue 2
Federal Reforms in Russia: Putin's Challenge to the Republics - James Alexander View
Where is Russia Going? Putin's Second Term - Vladimir Brovkin View
Civil Society in the Past-Communist Context: Linking Theoretical Concept and Social Transformation - Tanya Narozhna View
The Origins of United Russia and the Putin Presidency: The Role of Contingency in Party-System Development - Henry E. Hale View
Georgia, Moldova and Bulgaria: Dismantling Communist Structures is Hardly Extremism - Interview with Irina Sarishvili-Chanturia, Iurie Rosca and Philip Dimitrov - Fredo Arias-King View
Managed Democracy? Building Stealth Authoritarianism in St. Petersburg - Gordon M. Hahn View
Russia's Political Party: System as an Impediment to Democratization - Jonathan W. Riggs and Peter J. Schaeder View
Issue 1
Putin: Consummate Illiberal or Embryonic Anti-Liberal? - Fredo Arias-King View
Aleksandr Dugin's Foundations of Geopolitics - John B. Dunlop View
Putin Represents an Imperial Course for Russia, Interview with Grigory A. Yavlinsky - Fredo Arias-King View
Putin’s Russia: Is It a Doable Project? - Mikhail Beliaev View
Belarus Will Soon Be Liberated - Interview with Stanislau Shushkevich - Fredo Arias-King View
Georgia: Rise and Fall of the Façade Democracy - Jaba Devdariani View
Chernobyl and Its Political Fallout: A Reassessment - Nicholas Daniloff View
From Russia without Love: The “Fourth Wave” of Global Human Trafficking - Johanna Granville View
Yuri Shchekochikhin: A Tribute - Fredo Arias-King View
Volume 11, 2003
Issue 4
Stabilizing Estonia: The International Dimension of State Security and Ethnic Integration Policy - Gregory Feldman View
"Just Do It": Interview with Mart Laar - Fredo Arias-King View
Free Trade in the 1990s: Understanding Estonian Exceptionalism - Gregory Feldman View
Challenges to Estonia's Economic Policymaking at the Eve of EU Enlargement - Andreas Freytag View
Estonia: A Look at Its Successful but Unknown Transition - Mel Huang View
Security in Flux: International Integration and the Transformations of Threat in Estonia - Merje Kuus View
Social Contradictions Shadowing Estonia's "Success Story" - Marju Lauristin View
Changing Media in a Changing Society - Peeter Vihalemm View
Issue 3
The New Russian Code of Criminal Procedure: The Next Step on the Path of Russia's Democratization - Victor V. Filippov View
The Past, Present, and Future of the Russian Federal State - Gordon M. Hahn View
Reforming the Procedural Rules for Business Litigation in Russia: To What End? - Kathryn Hendley View
Editor's Introduction - Sally W. Stoecker View
An Evaluation of Ukrainian Legislation to Counter and Criminalize Human Trafficking - Olga Pyshchulina View
Resisting Putin's Federal Reforms on the Legal Front - Robert Sharlet View
Institutional Determinants of Chronic Policy Failure in Yeltsin's Russia - Alexander Sokolowski View
The New Justices of the Peace in the Russian Federation: A Cornerstone of Judicial Reform? - Peter H. Solomon, Jr. View
A Comparative Analysis of the 1994, 1998, and 2002 Election Campaigns for the Nikolayev City Council - Olena Yatsunka View
Issue 2
Reply to Christoph Stefes - Anders Aslund View
The Future of Russo-American Partnership - Stephen Blank View
Who Is with Whom: The United States, the European Union, and Russia on the Eve of War in Iraq - Vladimir Brovkin View
Russian Preferred Self-Image and the Two Chechen Wars - Simone Ispa-Landa View
Working with the Russians - Donald N. Jensen View
Russia's Accession to the Council of Europe and Compliance with European Human Rights Norms - Pamela A. Jordan View
Baltic-Russian Relations in Light of Expanding NATO and EU - Marko Mihkelson View
Russia in the New World Order: Power and Tolerance in Contemporary International Relation - Valerii Ivanovich Mikhailenko View
U.S. Support for Anti-Soviet and Anti-Russian Guerrilla Movements and the Undermining of Democracy - Michael Powelson View
Stability vs. Volatility: Why the CIS Is Not a Shining Example for Central Europe - Christoph H. Stefes View
NATO: The Only West That Russia Has? - Ira Straus View
U.S. Terrorism, International Security, and Leadership: Toward a U.S.-EU-Russia Security Triangle - George Voskopoulos View
Issue 1
The Centrality of Elites - Fredo Arias-King View
Trade Access Versus an Economic Model - Anders Aslund View
Demography and Democracy in Russia: Human Capital Challenges to Democratic Consolidation - Harley Balzer View
Russia as an Economic Superpower: Fantasy or Possibility? - Marshall I. Goldman View
Sovietology, Post-Sovietology, and the Study of Postcommunist Democratization - Stephen E. Hanson View
On the Future of the Russian State - Eugene Huskey View
Introduction to the 10th Anniversary Edition - Fredo Arias-King View
Is Russia Rising? - Andrew C. Kuchins View
Generational Change in Russia - Michael McFaul View
The End of Three Ideological Eras: What Is Next for the Russian Economy? - James Millar View
The War on Terrorism in Central Asia and the Cause of Democratic Reform - Martha Brill Olcot View
With or Against the West: Russia 's Debate Continues - Herman Pirchner View
Post-Sovietology Blues: Reflections on a Tumultuous Decade - Peter Rutland View
Constitutional Law and Politics in Russia: Surviving the First Decade - Robert Sharlet View
Crime and Corruption: Enduring Problems of Post-Soviet Development - Louise I. Shelley View
Belarus: To Democracy through Neo-Communism - Stanislau Shushkevich View
From Partiinost to Zakonnost: The Languid Creation of Legal Consciousness in Russia - Sally W. Stoecker View
The Russian Left and the French Paradigm - Joan Barth Urban View
The United States, Russia, and the New Challenges - Nikolai V. Zlobin View
Volume 10, 2002
Issue 4
Structure and Context in the Study of Post-Soviet Russia: Several Empirical Generalizations in Search of a Theory - Leon Aron View
Russia, Islam, and the War on Terrorism: An Uneasy Future - Ariel Cohen View
Putin and the Middle East - Robert O. Freedman View
Mexico and Russia: Mirror Images? - Nikolas K. Gvosdev View
Fueling the Future: The Prospects for Russian Oil and Gas - Fiona Hill and Florence Fee View
Estonia's Knight Returns - Mel Huang View
The 2002 Parliamentary Elections as an Indicator of the Sociopolitical Development of Ukraine - Oleksandr Sushko View
The Agenda Before NATO and Russia - Tomas Valasek View
Issue 3
Recent Assessments of Social Organizations in Russia - Alfred B. Evans, Jr. View
Russia's Elites in Search of Consensus: What Kind of Consolidation? - Vladimir Gelman View
Civil Society from Above? Statist and Liberal Models of State-Building in Russia - Henry E. Hale View
Civil Activism without NGOs: The Communist Party as a Civil Society Substitute - Ivan Kurilla View
Lost Civilization: The Thorough Repression of Civil Society in Belarus - Mark Lenzi View
Postcommunist Civil Society in Comparative Perspective - Marc Morje Howard View
Toward an Uncivil Society? Contextualizing the Decline of Post-Soviet Russian Parties of the Extreme Right Wing - Andreas Umland View
Issue 2
Comprehending the Weakness of Russia's Unions - Stephen Crowley View
Two Paths to a Greener Future: Environmentalism and Civil Society Development in Russia - Laura A. Henry View
Introduction - Michael A. McFaul View
The Kremlin's Civic Forum: Cooperation or Co-optation for Civil Society in Russia? - Alexander Nikitin and Jane Buchanan View
Civil Society and the Challenge of Russian Gosudarstvennost - John Squier View
Women's NGOs in Russia: Struggling from the Margins - Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom View
On the Road to the Civic Forum: State and Civil Society from Yeltsin to Putin - Marcia A. Weigle View
Human Rights in Post-Soviet Russia - Jonathan D. Weiler View
Issue 1
Adult Stigmatization and the Hidden Power of Homeless Children in Russia - Clementine Fujimura View
Russian-Iranian Relations in the Putin Era - Mark N. Katz View
Social Capital and Grassroots Democracy in Russia's Regions: Evidence from the 1999-2001 Gubernatorial Elections - Christopher Marsh View
Regional Variations in the Implementation of Russia's Federal District Reform - Lynn D. Nelson and Irina Y. Kuzes View
Moldova Under Lucinschi - Paul D. Quinlan View
Transnational Crime: The Case of Russian Organized Crime and the Role of International Cooperation in Law Enforcement - Louise Shelley View
Volume 9, 2001
Issue 4
How to Fight a Religious Protest Movement? - Vladimir N. Brovkin View
Putin's Federal Reforms: Reintegrating Russia's Legal Space or Upsetting Metastability of Russia's Asymmetrical Federalism - Gordon M. Hahn View
Can Ukrainian Communists and Socialists Evolve to Social Democracy? - Olexiy Haran View
Migration and Restructuring in Post-Soviet Russia - Timothy Heleniak View
A Half-Democratic Russia Will Always Be a Half-Ally to the United States - Michael McFaul and Nikolai Zlobin View
The End of the Insular State? - Sally W. Stoecker View
Russia's Potential Futures in the Euro-Atlantic-OECD World - Ira Straus View
Religion and Politics in Neighboring Belarus and Poland: Gender Dimensions - Larissa Titarenko View
Apart from Russia or Part of Russia: A Sad Saga of Ukrainian-Russian Relations - Igor Torbakov View
Russian Nationalism in Western Studies: Misadventures of a Moribund Paradigm - Alexander Yanov View
Issue 3
Democratizing Russian Higher Education - Michael V. Deaver View
The New Russians' Jokelore: Genesis and Sociological Interpretations - Emil Draitser View
Ukrainian Higher Education in Transition: Perspectives and Policy Implications - William Gleason View
Trafficking in Human Beings in Georgia and the CIS - Georgi Glonti View
Economic Liberalism and Security Preferences: A Comparative Case Study of Russia and Ukraine in the - Benjamin E. Goldsmith View
The Political Underpinnings of U.S. Bilateral Aid to the Countries of Transcaucasus - Ekaterine Metreveli and Ester Hakobyan View
Putin's Federal Reform Package: A Recipe for Unchecked Kremlin Power - Robert Orttung View
Issue 2
Russian Responses to Crisis Management in the Balkans: How NATO's Past Actions May Shape Russia's Future Involvement - Rebecca J. Johnson View
Russian Federalism: Continuing Myth or Political Salvation? - Daniel R. Kempton View
Putin's Policy toward Japan: Return of the Two Islands, or More? - Hiroshi Kimura View
Russia's Relations with China and India: Strategic Partnerships, Yes; Strategic Alliances, No - Andrew C. Kuchins View
"Back to the USSR?": New Trends in Russian Regional Policy - Emil Pain View
Perm Oblast : Autonomies to Choose From - Boris Povarnitsyn View
The City, Contested Identity, and Democratic Transitions - Blair A. Ruble View
Homelessness and Criminal Exploitation of Russian Minors: Realities, Resources, and Legal Remedies - Sally W. Stoecker View
Between Appeasement and Coercion: Russia's Center- Periphery Relations from Yeltsin to Putin - Michael Thumann View
Issue 1
Russia's Ulster: The Chechen War and Its Consequences - Stephen Blank View
Moving Money, Making Money, and Parking Money Overseas: Front Companies in Offshore Jurisdictions - Vladimir Brovkin View
Barkashov and the Russian Power Ministries, 1994-2000 - John B. Dunlop View
The Political Economy of Federalism in Russia - Prateek Goorha View
The Special Powers of Russia's Parliament - Igor V. Grankin View
Russia and the IMF: A Sordid Tale of Moral Hazard - Stefan Hedlund View
Nongovernmental Actors in U.S. and Russian Chemical Demilitarization Efforts: A Need for Mutual Understanding and Cooperation - Igor Khripunov and George W. Parshall View
Privatization in Russia: Preliminary Results and Socioeconomic Implications - Victor Supyan View
The Dark Forces: Popular Analogies in Russian Politics - Alexander Zaslavsky View
Volume 8, 2000
Issue 4
Vladimir Putin's Vertical State and the Embryo of a Horizontal Opposition - Virginie Coulloudon View
Georgia at the Crossroads - Georgi Glonti View
Halfway Home and a Long Way to Go: Russian and Kazakh Roads to Sectoral and Political Corruption - Keith E. Henderson View
Environmental Challenges in the NIS: Recommendations for the New U.S. Administration - Nancy Lubin View
Civic Community, Communist Support, and Democratization in Russia: The View from Smolensk - Christopher Marsh View
Unraveling the Mystery of the Tashkent Bombings: Theories and Implications - Abdumannob Polat and Nikolai Butkevich View
Russia: Its Place in the Twenty-First Century and the Implications for the United States - David Satter View
Recent Elections in Georgia: At Long Last, Stability? - Darrell Slider View
Borderland Identities or Steering a Sinking Ship? - Michael Szporer View
Ukraine: Vagaries of the Post-Soviet Transition - Igor Torbakov View
Issue 3
In Search of a Historic Yeltsin - Leon Aron View
National Security, Civil Society, and Human Rights in Russia: Conceptual and Legal Framework - Sergei Baburkin View
Belarus's Relations with NATO and Russia in the Context of European Security - Andrei Fedorov View
The Fate of the Russian State - Thomas E. Graham, Jr. View
Remembering Anatoly Sobchak - Alan Holiman View
On the Way to Democracy: Women 's Activism in Kazakhstan - Galiya Khassanova View
Russian Democracy-A U.S. National Security Interest - Michael McFaul and Sarah E. Mendelson View
Belarus: Self-Identification and Statehood - Stanislav Shushkevich View
"New Russian" Humor - Nikolai Zlobin View
Issue 2
Is It Power or Principle? A Footnote on the Talbott Doctrine - Fredo Arias-King View
Putin and Shoigu: Reversing Russia 's Decline - Theodore Karasik View
The Social-Psychological Roots of the Ethnic Problems in Crimea - Carina Korostelina View
Coming of Age in Post-Soviet Central Asia: New Dilemmas and Challenges Facing Youth and Children - Kathleen Kuehnast View
The Russian State Duma, On-Stage and Off: Inquiry, Impeachment, and Opposition - Martha Merritt View
Politics in Post-Soviet Russia: Where Are the Women? - Carol Nechemias View
The Walis That Have Yet to Fall: Belarus as a Mirror of CIS Transition - Larissa G. Titarenko View
Foreign Trade Policymaking in Belarus: Current Practices and Problems - Irina E. Tochitskaya View
Issue 1
After Kosovo: The Impact of NATO Expansion on Russian Political Parties - Johanna Granville View
Importing Civil Society: Foreign Aid and the Women's Movement in Russia - Sarah Henderson View
The Boss: How Yuri Luzhkov Runs Moscow - Donald N. Jensen View
Russia's 1999 Parliamentary Elections: Party Consolidation and Fragmentation - Michael McFaul View
Russian Realities: Nuclear Weapons, Bureaucratic Maneuvers, and Organized Crime - Todd H. Nelson View
On Strategies for Combating Corruption in Russia - Vitaly A. Nomokonov View
The Rise in Human Trafficking and the Role of Organized Crime - Sally Stoecker View
Patronage and the Presidential Critique: Budget Policy in the Fifth Russian State Duma - Frank C. Thames, Jr. View
Volume 7, 1999
Issue 4
Discourse on NATO in Russia during the Kosovo War - Vladimir Brovkin View
From Decline to Disintegration: The Russian Military Meets the Millennium - Eva T. Busza View
George Kennan and the Challenge of Siberia - Nicholas Daniloff View
The Russian Military Faces "Creeping Disintegration" - Dale R. Herspring View
Russian Regions as International Actors - Andrey S. Makarychev View
Russian Regions after the Crisis: Coping with Economic Troubles Governors Reap Political Rewards - Radoslav K. Petkov and Natan M. Shkylar View
An Illinois Yankee in Tsar Yeltsin's Court: Justice in Russia - Ronald R. Pope View
Rigging the U.S.-Russian Relationship: Harvard, Chubais, and the Transidentity Game - Janine R. Wedel View
Issue 3
Pluralism in the Komi Republic? Overcoming Executive Resistance - James Alexander View
From Oligarchy to Oligarchy: The Structure of Russia's Ruling Elite - Thomas Graham View
How Russia Is Ruled - 1998 - Donald N. Jensen View
Russia's Many Foreign Policies - Michael McFaul View
Leadership in Modern Russian Society: A Regional Survey - Tatiyana Ryskova View
Russian Constitutional Change: An Opportunity Missed - Robert Sharlet View
Post-Soviet Youth: Engagement in Civil Society-Belarus and Beyond - Larissa G. Titarenko View
Issue 2
Soviet Domestic Politics and Collapse of the Outer Empire, 1989 - Fredo Arias-King View
Tributes to Galina Starovoitova - Ariel Cohen View
The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Political Dynamics in Central Asia - Gregory Gleason View
Political Integration and Political Parties in Post-Soviet Russian Politics - John T. Ishiyama View
Is There a Successor Generation in the Former Soviet Union? - Elena Kudriashova and Valery Novytsky View
Legal Reform in Ukraine: Life in the Trenches - Christopher Lehmann View
Russia in the 1990s: Democratization, Postcommunism, or Something Else? - Andrei Melville View
The Rule of Law and Russian Culture-Are They Compatible? - Ronald R. Pope View
Issue 1
A Tribute to Galina Starovoitova - Fredo Arias-King View
The Noncommunist Left, Social Constituencies, and Political Strategies in Russia - Paul T. Christensen View
Russia's 1997 Law Renews Religious Persecution - John B. Dunlop View
The Patriarch and the President: Religion and Political Choice in Russia - Vicki L. Helsi, Ebru Erdem, William Reisinger, and Arthur Miller View
Electoral Democracy or Electoral Clanism? Russian Democratization and Theories of Transition - Alexander Lukin View
The Russian Orthodox Church under Patriarch Aleksii II and the Russian State: An Unholy Alliance? - Leslie L. McGann View
Changing Russia's Electoral System: Assessing Alternative Forms of Representation and Elections - Misha Myagkov and Peter C. Ordeshook View
The Communist Parties of Russia and Ukraine on the Eve of the 1999 Elections: Similarities, Contrasts, and Interactions - Joan Barth Urban View
Volume 6, 1998
Issue 4
The Russia You Never Met - Matt Bivens and Jonas Bernstein View
The Baltic Reborn: Challenges of Transition - Walter C. Clemens, Jr. View
Corruption: What Can Be Done about It? A Practitioner's Perspective through a Russian Lens - Keith Henderson View
Murder for Hire as a Manifestation of Organized Crime - V. A. Nomokonov and V. I. Shulga View
The Boris Yeltsin of History - Peter Rutland View
Weimar Russia? - Karl W. Ryavec View
Organized Crime and Corruption in Ukraine: Impediments to the Development of a Free Market Economy - Louise I. Shelley View
Privatization, Corruption, and Reform in Present Day Russia - Remarks by Veniamin Sokolov View
Issue 3
The State of the Russian State: Diagnoses and Prognoses - George W. Breslauer View
Russian Democracy: From the Future to the Past - Stephen Blank View
Fragmentation of Authority and Privatization of the State: From Gorbachev to Yeltsin - Vladimir Brovkin View
Elite Groups in Russia - Virginie Coulloudon View
The Yeltsin Era in the Light of Russian History: Reform or Reaction? - Dmitri Glinski and Peter Reddaway View
Governance and the Russian Economy - Philip Hanson View
Russian Economic Reform and the Restructuring of Interests - Lynn D. Nelson and Irina Y. Kuzes View
Oligarchs, Retread Nomenklaturshchiki, Clansmen, Warlords, and Polyarchs: Five Divergent Paths to the Russian Future - Blair A. Ruble View
Unraveling the Soviet Union: Gorbachev's Change in World View - Susanne Sternthal View
Issue 2
A Paradigm Shift in Russo-Japanese Relations - Tsuneo Akaha View
Back Yard Politics: Russia's Foreign Policy Toward the Caspian Basin - Brent Griffith View
All Religions Are Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others: Russia's 1997 Restrictive Law of Religious Practices - William J. Kovatch, Jr. View
Editor's Introduction to the Spring 1998 Issue - Sally W. Stoecker View
Russo-Japanese Relations: Opportunity for a Rapprochement? - Peggy Falkenheim Meyer View
Russia and the Two Koreas: The Dilemmas of "Dual Engagement" - James Clay Moltz View
Sino-Russian Relations: Will the Strategic Partnership Endure? - Gilbert Rozman View
Issue 1
The Dynamics of Integration: Russia and the Near Abroad - Jan S. Adams View
Proposed Solutions to the Organized Crime Problem in Russia: Lessons Learned from Social and Legal Approaches Employed in the United States, Great Britain, and Sicily - Joseph L. Albini and R. E. Rogers View
Samashki: Belief and Betrayal in a Chechen Town at War - Thomas Goltz View
Georgian Politics and the Conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia - Rusudan Gorgiladze View
NATO Expansion: A View from the State Duma - Valery N. Gorokhov and Dmitry Ye. Gorovtsov View
Georgia-Abkhazia Conflict: View from Abkhazia - Liana Kvarchelia View
"Virtual" Property and Post-Communist Globalization - Maria Los View
In International Politics, Everyone Is for Himself-Interview with Alexei Mitrofanov - Demokratizatsiya View
Azerbaijan and the Caspian Basin: Pipelines and Geopolitics - Jayhun Molla-Zade View
Dynamics of State-Building in Georgia - Ghia Nodia View
The United States, Iran, Russia, and Turkey: The Struggle for Azerbaijan - S. Rob Sobhani View
Russia, Crime, and the Moral Educative Function of Law - Barbara Ann Stolz View
Volume 5, 1997
Issue 4
Russia: Permanent Narrow Escape - Boris Altshuler View
Introduction, Fifth Anniversary Issue - Louise Shelley and Fredo Arias-King View
The State of Transition Economics - Anders Aslund View
Listening for the Russian Voice - W. Donald Bowles View
Russia: A Year into Yeltsin's Second Term - Vladimir Brovkin View
Ignore Sovietology at Your Peril - Marshall I Goldman View
Russia, Science, and Social Constructivism - Loren R. Graham View
The Russian Democratic Movement: Past, Present, and Future - Vladimir N. Lysenko View
The Central Asian States: An Overview of Five Years of Independence - Martha Brill Olcott View
Stealing the Russian State - Louise I. Shelley View
What Is the State of Democracy in the Post-Communist Countries? - Bruce L. R. Smith View
Why Russia Needs NATO - Martin Walker View
From Post-Communist Chaos to Mature Democracy - Victor Yasmann View
Issue 3
The Evolution of Authoritarianism in Turkmenistan - Kareem Al-Bassam View
Prospects for Kazakstan's Asian Liberalism - Gregory Gleason View
The Writing on the Wall - Nikolai Zlobin View
Constraining Democratic Development: Institutions and Party System Formation in Kyrgyzstan - Gregory Koldys View
Regional and Religious Politics in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan: Some Preliminary Notes - Keith Martin View
How the KGB Violates Citizens' Rights: The Case of Alexander Nikitin - Thomas Nilsen and Jon Gauslaa View
Nation Making in Russia's Jewish Autonomous Oblast: Initial Goals and Surprising Results - William R. Siegel View
Issue 2
Russia's 1996 Gubernatorial Elections and the Implications for Yeltsin - Laura Belin View
Civil Society and Political Authority in the Semenov District - Alfred B. Evans View
The Municipal Legislature in Novosibirsk, 1992-95 - Jonathan Harris View
Interest Representation in Sverdlovsk and the Ascendancy of Regional Corporatism - Lynn D. Nelson and Irina Y. Kuzes View
"They Pretend to Pay Us....": The Wage Arrears Crises in the Post-Soviet States - Daniel Rosenblum View
The Role of Antimonopoly Committees in the Former Soviet Union - Thomas A. Timberg View
Russia's Elected Governors: A Force to Be Reckoned With - Marc Zlotnik View
Issue 1
Response from the Department of Defense - Ashton B. Carter View
Author's Rebuttal to the Department of Defense - J. Michael Waller View
"Delay, Postpone, Obfuscate, Derail" A Case Study of U.S. Government Response to Criticism of Assist - J. Michael Waller View
Who Stole What in Russia's December 1993 Elections - Mikhail Filippov and Peter C. Ordeshook View
Russian Policy in the Transcaucasian "Near Abroad": The Case of Azerbaijan - Jim MacDougall View
The Split and Reconfiguration of Ex-Communist Party Factions in the Russian Oblasts: Chelyabinsk, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Tambov, and Tver (1991-95) - Kimitaka Matsuzato View
Russia Reconsidered: Another Look at the Revolution from Below - Dmitry Mikheyev View
Response from the Department of State - Richard Morningstar View
Author's Rebuttal to the Department of State - J. Michael Waller View
To Russia, With Cash - J. Michael Waller View
Catastrophism on the Eve of 2000: Apocalyptic Ideology Between Russia's Past and Future - Vladimir Shlapentokh View
Volume 4, 1996
Issue 4
Russian Supreme Soviet Investigation of the 1991 Coup: The Suppressed Transcripts: Part 4: Hearings - J. Michael Waller View
Yeltsin's Newest Coup - Stephen Blank and Jacob Kipp View
Health and Social Stability in the Former Soviet Union: The Need for Policy Direction - Edward J. Burger, Jr. View
Alexander Barkashov and the Rise of National Socialism in Russia - John B. Dunlop View
Democracy and Institutional Design in Russia - Eugene Huskey View
An Initial Assessment of U.S. Aid to Russia, 1992-1995; and a Strategy for More Effective Assistance - Constantine C. Menges View
Russian Political Police: Immortal Traditions and Eternal Threats - Boris Pustintsev View
Clique-Run Organizations and U.S. Economic Aid: An Institutional Analysis - Janine R. Wedel View
The Specter of Integration in Russia: Lessons for the West and Ukraine - Volodymyr Zviglyanich View
Issue 3
The Moscow Press: Vanguard of Democracy? - Ivan Ascher View
Federal Elections in Russia: The Necessity of Systemic Reforms - Catherine Barnes View
State Duma Election Returns, 1995 - Glenn Bryant View
Russia's Curse: Weak Political Institutions Unable to Restrain Arbitrary Leadership - Justin Burke View
From the Parliamentary to the Presidential Election: Russians Get Real about Politics - Timothy J. Colton View
Correspondence-Armitage - Burrill, Stavrakis View
Cats and Mice: The Presidential Campaign in the Russian Heartland - Gennady A. Gershanok View
Undemocratic Past, Unnamed Present, and Undecided Future - Ken Jowitt View
The Dilemma of "Our Home Is Russia": A View from the Inside - Sergei Kolesnikov View
Nowhere to Turn But Yeltsin - John Lloyd View
Boris Yeltsin Faces the Electorate: Findings from Opinion Polling Data - Richard Rose View
Strategies of the Main Presidential Candidates - Valery Solovei View
The Russian Media's Time of Troubles - Elizabeth Tucker View
Issue 2
Kings, Queens, Tsars, and Commissars: Russia Gets the Royal Treatment - Ann E. Robertson View
Bull in a China Shop: USAID's Post-Soviet Mission - Peter J. Stavrakis View
Supreme Soviet Investigation of the 1991 Coup: The Suppressed Transcripts: Part 3: Hearings "About the Illegal Financial Activity of the CPSU" - J. Michael Waller View
Why Gennady Zyuganov's Communist Party Finished First - Alexander S. Tsipko View
The Communist Movement in Post-Soviet Russia - Joan Barth Urban View
Humor as Political Protest - Nikolai Zlobin View
Issue 1
The Other Side of Perestroika: The Hidden Dimension of the Gorbachev Era - Brian Crozier View
Economic Conversion in Perspective - Marshall Goldman and Ethan B. Kapstein View
Retrospectives at the Gorbachev Foundation - Valentin Tolstykh View
The Impact of the Military-Industrial Complez on the Emerging Russian Development Strategy - Yevgeny Kuznetsov View
Reflections On Perestroika - Georgy Shakhnazarov View
Supreme Soviet Investigation of the 1991 Coup: The Suppressed Transcripts: Part 2: Hearings Concerning the Role of Repressive Organs in the Putsch of 19-21 August 1991" - J. Michael Waller View
Problems in American Assistance Policy Toward the Former Soviet Union: The Belarus Prism - David H. Swartz View
Volume 3, 1995
Issue 4
Eyewitness Accounts from Chechnya - Yevgenia Albats View
From Marx to Markets: Reform of the Russian University Economics Curriculum - Stanley L. Brue and Craig R. MacPhee View
After Chechnya: Threats to Russian Democracy and U.S.-Russian Relations - Ariel Cohen View
Business Education and Change in Russia and Eastern Europe - Fred J. Evans and Nancy J. Birch View
In How Many Ways Will Russia Resemble Uzbekistan? - Steny H. Hoyer View
How the West Shouldn't React to Events in Chechnya - Sergei Kovalev View
Interpretations of Soviet State and Social Structure: Perceptions of Members of the First Russian Democratic Political Groups, 1985-1991 - Alexander Lukin View
Labor Policy and a New Workplace Governance System in Russia - Jay S. Siegel View
Not U.S. vs. Russia, but Humanity vs. Inhumanity - Christopher H. Smith View
Supreme Soviet Investigation of the 1991 Coup: The Suppressed Transcripts: Part 1: Hearings Concerning the Role of Repressive Organs in the Putsch of 19-21 August 1991" - J. Michael Waller View
Issue 3
From The Archives - Nikolai V. Zlobin View
Will Russia Become the Capital of World Feminism? - Nedezhda Azhgikhina View
Organized Crime and Corruption in Russia - Sergei Boskholov View
Women and Employment Policy in Contemporary Russia - Mary I. Dakin View
Sex as a Mirror of the Russian Revolution - Igor S. Kon View
Communists, Democracy, and Reform in Post-Communist Russia - Ian McAllister, Stephen White View
Kazakh Trade Unions - Gennady Nekitin View
Political History of Russian Bureaucracy and Roots of Its Power - Maryanne Ozernoy and Tatiana Samsonova View
New Politics in Kazakhstan - Louise I. Shelley View
Issue 2
Russian Policy and Central Asian Energy, Economics, and Security - Stephen Blank View
The Chechen Crisis and the Media - Nicholas Daniloff and Sergei A. Grigoriev View
Nationalism and Democracy in Ukraine - Paula J. Dobriansky View
Media and Politics in Central Asia - Mehrdad Haghayeghi View
Ukrainian Free Trade Unions - Semyon Karikov View
Local Scholarship, Public Policy, and Power: Public Policy Research and Local Reforms in Russia: The Case Study of Nizhny Novgorod - Andrey S. Makarychev View
Russian Cultural Values and Their Effect on Domestic and Foreign Policy - Vladimir N. Podoprigora and Tatiana I. Krasnopevtseva View
Country of Eternal "Pregnancy" - Nikolai V. Zlobin View
The State and Economic Reform in Ukraine - Volodymyr Zviglyanich View
Issue 1
Free Trade Unions in Russia - Ludmila Alexeeva View
Yeltsin's Betrayal of Democracy: Testimony before the CSCE - Yelena Bonner View
Coalitional Behavior in the Lithuanian Parliament: The First Four Years - Terry D. Clark View
Transition in Bulgaria: Paradigm, Outcomes, and Lessons for the Late Starters - Atanas Gotchev View
Toward Reform of the Lithuanian Economy - Thomas Grennes View
"Excuse Me... I've No Machinery, No Money and No Market; How Do I Farm?" - Jeffrey Levine View
Bulgaria's Transition to a Market Economy - Alfred Levinson View
The Path to the New Russian Constitution: A Comparison of Executive-Legislative Relations in the Major Drafts - Rita Moore View
Democracy Is Not Dead in Russia - Louise I. Shelley View
Volume 2, 1994
Issue 4
The Proposed Constitution of Ukraine: A Legal Perspective - Bohdan A. Futey View
Ethnic Relations in Estonia and What They Mean for the World - Klara Hallik View
Russian Presidential Politics Today - Theodore Karasik and Brenda Horrigan View
Russia, the Baltic States and the West - Rita Putins Peters View
Is the NIS Brain Drain Exaggerated? - Jeffrey L. Roberg View
The Role of the Courts in the Electoral Process of Ukraine - Viktor Shishkin View
A Viable Russian Federalism: Does American History Hold the Key? - Rein Staal View
Autonomy for Eastern Finno-Ugric Nations: A Test for Russian Democracy - Rein Taagepera View
Political Threats to a Free Press in Russia - Vitaly Tretyakov View
Zhirinovsky's Strategy to Succeed Yeltsin - And How to Thwart It - Andrei P. Tsygankov View
Russian Federalism and Reform: Declining Effectiveness of the Russian Central State? - James Voorhees View
Issue 3
Organized Crime and Society - Vyacheslav Afanasyev View
How Free is the Media in Russia Today? - Nicholas Daniloff and Sergei A. Grigoriev View
Privatizatsiya and Kriminalizatsiya: How Organized Crime is Hijacking Privatization - Svetlana P. Glinkina View
Crime and Human Rights in Russia: A Review of Basic Legislation - Nikolai V. Kachev and Alexander G. Pipiya View
Crime in Russia: Causes and Prevention - Ninel F. Kuznetsova View
The Organized Crime Morass in the Former Soviet Union - Rensselaer W. Lee, III View
Political Control of Television in Yeltsin's Russia - Alexander Lyubimov View
The Revival of Islam and Islamic Publishing - Magomedkhan M. Magomedkhanov View
The New Provincial Journalism: Leaving the Forlorn Beauty of Words Behind - Alexander S. Meltsaev View
Crime and Statistics: Do the Figures Reflect the Real Situation? - Inga B. Mikhailovskaya View
The Rise of the Provincial Press - Elizabeth Schillinger View
Post-Soviet Organized Crime: Implications for Economic, Social, and Political Development - Louise I. Shelley View
Organized Crime and the Russian State: Challenges to U.S.-Russia Cooperation - J. Michael Waller View
Can the West Help a Russian Free Press? - Thomas Winship View
Volume 2, 1993
Issue 2
From the Archives - Edited by Nikolai V. Zlobin View
"Zhirinovsky Is a New Version of Yeltsin" - Interview with Sergei Baburin View
Chess-like Diplomacy at Novo-Ogarevo: An Eyewitness Account to the Drafting of the USSR Union Treaty - Yuri Baturin View
The Politics of Language in Moldova - Jeffrey Chinn View
Nuclear Proliferation Dangers in the NIS: An Interim Assessment - James E. Doyle View
The Making of a President: A Glimpse of the History of the Top Executive Post in the USSR - Yegor Kuznetsov View
The Proposed Constitution of Ukraine: Continuity Under the Banner of Change: With a Model Constitution for Authoritarian to Democratic Transitions - David Lempert View
Moldova's Flawed Constitution: With a Prescription for Limited Government - Andrew W. Lester View
Where Does the "Mafiya" Come From - Yuri Shchekochikhin View
Brazauskas in Power: An Assessment - Julius Smulkstys View
Finita la Comedia? If Democracy Is to Survive, Yeltsin Must Learn to Compromise - Nikolai V. Zlobin View
Russia: To Be or Not to Be - Valery Zorkin View
Issue 1
Kyrgyzstan: Central Asia's Democratic Alternative - Askar Akayev View
Contending With Russia's Military Machine - Stephen Blank View
When Will Russia Abandon Its Secret Chemical Weapons Program? - Gale Colby and Irene Goldman View
Yeltsin, the Press, and the New Constitution: Will Glasnost Survive Presidential Power in Russia? - Nicholas Daniloff View
Ukrainian Independence and National Security And the Role the United States Can Play to Safeguard Both - Paula J. Dobriansky View
Can We Help Russia Become a Good Neighbor? - Paul A. Goble View
Breaking the Shackles: Latvia After the USSR - Rasma Karklins View
Pollution, Politics, and Public Opinion In Central Asia - Nancy Lubin View
A Strategy to Encourage Democracy In the Newly Independent States - Constantine C. Menges View
The Belarusian National Dilemma And Its Implications for U.S. Policy-Makers - Kathleen Mihalisko View
Democracy and Statebuilding in Central Asia: Challenges for U.S. Policy-Makers - Martha Brill Olcott View
Russia's and America's Intertwined Fates - Blair A. Ruble View
Post-Soviet Sakharovs: Renewed Persecution of Dissident Scientists and the American Response - J. Michael Waller View
Volume 1, 1992
Issue 4
Is There Any Hope for Russian Political Parties? - Vasily I. Zlobin View
Five Different Perceptions On the Future of Russian Foreign Policy - Victor Yasmann View
Contending Conceptions of Nation And State in Russian Politics Defining Party Ideologies in Post-Sov - Michael E. Urban View
Can Centrism Work in Russia? - Andrei Ryabov View
The Democratic Russia Movement: Myths and Reality - Lev Ponomarev View
Tajikistan in Ruins: The Descent into Chaos of a Central Asian Republic - Svetlana Lolaeva View
One-Man Rule in Uzbekistan: A Perspective from Within the Regime - C View
Law-Making in Kazakhstan: A Baseline Analysis of the Supreme Soviet - Stanley Bach View
Chekists in Cassocks: The Orthodox Church and the KGB - Keith Armes View
From the Archives: Thirteen Documents from the Secret Archives of Iosif Stalin - edited by Nikolai V. Zlobin View
Issue 3
Russia's Legal Foundations for Civil Repression: Are Soviet Practices Being Reformed or Legalized? - J. Michael Waller View
Towards a Liberal Russian Education: Charting a Postcommunist University Curriculum - Alexei V. Surin View
Moscow State University: Problems and Objectives - Viktor A. Sadovnichy View
The Bitter Fruits of "Democracy" in Kazakhstan - Eric Rudenshiold View
Transition to Democracy in Ukraine - Bohdan Harasymiw View
The U.S. and Russia in the New World Order - Pyotr V. Gladkov View
Disposing of the Stasi Legacy Germany's Experience with the Preservation and Disposal of the GDR Secret Police Files - Joachim Gauck View
Russia's Impending Ecological Disaster - Sergei Bobylev View
Dismantling the Czechoslovak Secret Police - Jaroslav Basta View
Healing the Soviet Legacy Towards Women - Nadezhda Azhgikhina View
From the Archives: Installing Soviet Power in the Caucasus - Edited by Nikolai Zlobin View
Eradicating the Soviet Police State - Introduction View
Issue 2
Perestroika Versus the Command-Administrative System - Nikolai V. Zlobin View
Red Religion: An Ideology of Neo-Messianic Russian Fundamentalism - Victor Yasmann View
The Fate of Marxism in Post-Totalitarian Russia: A Philosophical Inquiry into Russia's Disposition Towards Democracy - Caren Momjian View
Thwarting the Specter of a Russian Dictator: A New Agenda for the Clinton Administration - Michael McFaul View
Power and Society in Post-Coup Russia: Attempts at Coexistence - Leonty Byzov View
Legacy of a Shattered System: The Russian-Speaking Population in Latvia - Brian J. Boeck View
More Troubled Waters at the KGB Archives - Vladimir Abarinov View
Issue 1
The Command-Administrative System in Russia the Historical Legacy - Nikolai V. Zlobin View
When Will Democrats Control the Former KGB? Opportunities for Russian-U. S. Cooperation - J. Michael Waller View
Russia on the Cusp - Mark H. Teeter View
Democratization in Ukraine: Constitutions and the Rule of Law - Gregory H. Stanton View
Mikhail Gorbachev: The Last Days of the Presidency - Yuri Shchekochikhin View
On the Path to Reforming the KGB: Proposals and Projects - Fredo Arias-King View
Will Democratization Survive Freedom in the Ex-USSR? - Peter Juviler View
Does the Fate of the Soviet Union Await the Commonwealth of Independent States? - Vladislav Drobkov View