Privacy Policy and Cookies

Privacy Policy 
When you subscribe to Demokratizatsiya through our content providers, Project MUSE and Sheridan PA, they request information from you. They pass the following information you provide them on to us: your name, your title, the name of your company, and your mailing address. They also let us know the expiration date of your subscription, the product you purchased, its category, and its price. We do not share this information with third parties—it is used solely to handle your subscription and for tax purposes. 
If you contact Demokratizatsiya via email or through our online form, we may share your name, email address, and information relevant to your query with our content providers, Project MUSE and Sheridan PA. This information is shared solely to allow them to address subscription and access issues. 
You have a right to erasure, but we do not keep any personal information other than for legitimate business interests (namely handling your subscription and tax purposes). As such, we hold no information that could be erased. 
You have a right to portability under a subject access request. We can give you all the information we hold on you, which amounts to the information Project MUSE and Sheridan PA pass on to us when you subscribe.
Our site uses traffic monitoring from Google Analytics. This process leaves a cookie on your browser for monitoring purposes. 
Our homepage provides an embedded copy of the Demokratizatsiya Twitter feed. Its operation uses cookies for Twitter’s own purposes. They do not share this data with us.
This means that by accessing this site, you are providing information about your interactions with the site to Google and Twitter. If you have an account with either of these sites—and especially if you are logged in while accessing—your activity will be identified and monitored by Google and Twitter.
You can turn off cookies for without affecting the operation of the site.